Aishwarya Sharma on dealing with online trolling and bullying, ‘Mujhe aadat hai gaali…’

Bigg Boss 17: Aishwarya Sharma‘s eviction from the controversial reality show has shocked her fans to say the least. Despite having a massive fan following and immense popularity, she missed out on securing a top 5 spot. During her stay, Aishwarya received criticism for her aggressive behavior towards her husband, Neil Bhatt, and jealousy towards fellow contestant Ankita Lokhande. However, Aishwarya has taken these criticisms in stride and is dealing with online trolling like a boss. In an exclusive interview, the talented actress, who is also known for her role in GHKPM, opens up about her experience in the Bigg Boss house and how she is dealing with online hate.
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Bigg Boss 17: Aishwarya Sharma on online abuse

In an exclusive conversation with, when Aishwarya Sharma was asked if she is keeping a safe distance from social media owing to all the online hatred and criticism, the actress said, ‘I absolutely refuse to let anyone’s negativity on social media bother me anymore. I have built up an immunity to all the nasty comments and online hatred that comes my way. These days, I choose to focus on myself, my strengths, and my honesty. ‘ Also Read – Bigg Boss 17: Neil Bhatt reveals Vicky Jain had asked him for tips on how to be a composed husband after a nasty spat

She further added, ‘I know who I am, and no one can break me. I’m incredibly grateful for all that God has given me, including my unwavering honesty. My parents have taught me so much about life, and I’m thankful for all the good things that they have instilled in me. I don’t have an ego about anything and will always stay true to my down-to-earth nature. For those who have a problem with my honesty and reactive nature, it’s their issue, not mine. I’m confident in who I am, and I refuse to let anyone change that.’ Also Read – Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande opens up on Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise; says ‘Everything was over’

Neil Bhatt, one of the participants in Bigg Boss 17 and Aishwarya Sharma’s husband, was recently evicted from the house along with fellow contestant Rinku Dhawan. Despite being a popular face, Neil faced criticism for not putting in enough efforts to win the show. During his stint in Bigg Boss 17, Neil was often seen being conscious of his image and actions, which may have impacted his performance on the show.

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